It's always so exciting for me when I've finished a new book and know it's coming out soon. My newest Charlie book, Stardom Can Be Murder, was slated for early May release but I've learned that a couple of sales outlets have gotten on it even more quickly. So, I'm having a hard time waiting to tell everyone.

Yes, there will be a paperback version. Yes, the ebook version will be out there to all sales outlets very soon... Meanwhile, for my readers who've been asking about it, Stardom is already showing up on these sites in ebook versions:

Kindle version

Sony, iPad, Kobo and others

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to keep writing this series. And a huge thanks to everyone who has recommended my books to their friends and posted such wonderful comments online. I couldn't do it without you!!

Happy Reading!


Kathy Meredith
05/15/2011 10:10am

I'm so excited for a new Charlie Parker book. I love the series and am so glad you continued with it! Downloaded it just now and can't wait to start reading.
Thank you!

Sherry Troop
05/28/2011 7:17am

Just discovered your Charlie Parker series. I LOVE it. Will there be more after Stardom & Holidays? I also downloaded the 2 books in you new series. They look interesting.

Hi, Connie.

Just thought I'd leave a comment about your blog on publishers and agents and the way the industry leaves the readers wanting.
I believe the uniformity you speak of is the main reason we, North Americans, don't read anymore. When I go into Chapters or Barnes and Nobles, I can't find a single book I like. They're all the same. And let's face it. Not all of us like vampire tales or what one agent refered to in his response to me as dark fiction. He said that although my story was exceptionally well written (those exact words)my fiction would sell more if it were dark.

Anyway, thanks to your Novella Weekend course, which included your review of my first 20 pages, I've gained a lot of perspective on plot and direction. I no longer fear the synopsis' beastly fangs. I can now craft the darn thing, and do it well.
Your course is GREAT.


09/08/2011 9:17am

Thanks for all your nice comments. Kathy and Sherry--yes, there is a new Samantha book on the way, and I'm planning a new Charlie for next spring.

Joss, I really do appreciate your comments on the state of publishing. An agent who says your story is "exceptionally well written" and yet can't find a market for it isn't doing his job, in my opinion. As you say, not all readers want 'dark' stories.

And isn't this really about the connection between reader and writer?
With so many agents and publishers not getting this concept, it's no wonder that many, many authors are opting to publish independently. We can listen to our readers and provide what they are asking for, not what someone in a NY skyscraper is saying we should write.

Anyway, thank you so much for the feedback and I'm glad you found my writing course helpful!
Take care.

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